-Chris Geldenhuys, Convenor

With the Pringle Bay Festival full on the go in Pringle Bay, the Hack Group gathered at Droster’s Gat on 30 April 2017. Despite the holiday and festive atmosphere, a well-motivated group moved to the intersection of Barbara and Bobby roads in Pringle Bay. The hack group started clearing plot 728. The infestation was mainly Rooikrantz and Port Jackson trees. What made this hack difficult was the amount of coppicing that was encountered. Each stump had to be dug out before it could be cut and poisoned. Our “explorer” came up with the solution – by applying his camping spade – which greatly helped to save the chain of the saw. Nice thinking, Willem! A great deal was done, but we need to return to this spot for some further hacking. See the “before” and “after” photos of plot 728 below!


Mountain of hacked Rooikrantz branches:

Originally 28 members indicated they were ready for the hack, but due to commitments at the Pringle Bay festivities and other personal responsibilities, only the following 20 members performed the hack: John Whitehead, Ed Silberbauer, Frik Potgieter, Louw and Karen Toerien and Freddie, Marita Grobbelaar, Tom Dreyer, Neil and Penny Berens, Carol Wilson, Andree Henning, Anthony and Hillary Harris, Willem Stigling, Ulli Niemann, together with Chris Geldenhuys. The hack was joined today officially by Pieter Snyman, Chris Cadman and Richard Smeda. It was truly great to see you guys joining the hack! Thank you for everybody’s valuable contribution!

A special word of thanks for the contribution and support provided by the members of the Betty’s Bay Hack to the Pringle Bay Hack. Their efforts and encouragement are, as always, greatly appreciated.

Dave and Helena Muirhead provided the ever necessary mid-morning refreshments! Thanks you guys for all the arrangements! Again a special word of thanks goes to Peter and Joyce of the Mini Mark for the generous donation of the tea and sandwiches for the Hack Group, it was as always greatly appreciated by all. It will be appreciated if all hackers can express their appreciation, whenever you meet them in the Mini Mark.

The next monthly hack will be on Sunday 28 May 2017. As usual we will meet on the pavement opposite Droster’s Centre, in Central Avenue, Pringle Bay, at 08:30 whereafter we will proceed to the hack site. The hack ends at 11:30. Everyone who would like to help rid Pringle Bay of alien vegetation will be welcome.  Hacking tools are provided. Contact Chris at (028) 273 8588, or just turn up at the meeting point.