Gardeners’ Circle 15 May 2019

Special meeting: Wednesday 15 May 2019

Ebraime from HPNBG will be sowing and smoke treating seeds on Wednesday 15 May from 10:30 onwards. All are welcome to come along and see how it is done. Ebraime will be doing the smoke treatment in the nursery by the potting shed. 

Regular monthly visit: Monday 20 May 2019

Our next two garden visits are in the Jocks Bay area – sunny, close to stormy seas, and windy at times!

These special gardens are in Lipkin Road. The owners both have interesting stories to tell us – one being that the garden was only lawn when they moved in!

Where:  The gardens belong to Helena Chislett, and to Jacqui Parker who lives across the road at 2765 Lipkin Road.

We’ll enjoy tea and a chat afterwards.

Meet to share lifts if you so need at 09h00 at Harold Porter Gardens parking area.

Lipkin Road is a stroll down Waterfall Road (opposite HP Gardens), three blocks down.

We’re looking forward to spending the morning with you.

Barbara Jenman, on behalf of Rea, Galia, Sharon and Cornelia

Cell: 082 338 4109 

And now some background and a request…

The Kogelberg Gardeners’ Circle is a fledgling group started in August 2018 by the Kogelberg Botanical Society branch. We have no definite modus operandi except to enjoy Fynbos in all its different settings. Over the past nine months we have visited two or three private gardens on the third Monday of the month. These gardens don’t necessarily have a common theme and many are still a work in progress, but each has something to teach us.

As a new group, we need helpers.  There are no formal designations.  So far:

  • Cornelia de Villiers runs our Facebook page
  • Barbara Jenman coordinates visits and emailing
  • Galia Manicom compiles reports
  • Tim Attwell is the KogelbergBotanical Society chair and advisor for the group
  • Sharon Coultridge, Ingrid Buchan and Rea Borcherdsare all part of the initial advisory group
  • Dave de Klerk is always happy to provide his knowledge (e.g. on resprouting plants after fires)

We are looking at planning ahead

PLEASE let us know if you will make your garden available to visit and what month is preferable. We can also visit the same garden twice, but in different seasons.

Various know-how sessions are in the pipeline, e.g. pruning shrubs and trees, and how to plant.

You can share your hints, observations and lessons learnt, even if they seem obvious to you, by emailing Barbara at We will include your information in the monthly newsletter, or post it on our Facebook page.

For your information, here is the link for the Kogelberg Branch BotSoc Facebook page: click the “Like” button on the page so that anything that is posted on the page will show up on your Facebook News Feed:

Please join the Fynbos Gardeners’ Circle Facebook group by clicking on

Barbara Jenman, Committee member

Cell: 082 338 4109