Hack Group Tea Times

Hack Group meetings just wouldn’t be the same without the traditional tea and sandwiches served after a hard morning’s work! And they wouldn’t be possible without the committed volunteer work of the tea ladies. But it all begins with the open-hearted donations from two well known local businesses. Here we recognise their generosity.

Penguin Place

The Betty’s Bay Hack Group wishes to thank Maureen Muller for the twelve years of support in donating loaves of bread for the sandwiches every month and to wish her a happy retirement. The Group also wishes to welcome the new owner, Odette Bergh, and to thank her for continuing to make the donation. Sandwiches at tea time are so very much appreciated. At the same time the Group expresses its sadness in learning that Odette and Johannes’ home was one of the houses lost in the recent fire.

Merran Silberbauer, Tea Lady

Mini Mart

Each month, Adriaan from the Mini Mart in Pringle Bay makes a generous donation of tea and sandwiches for the Hack Group. Thank you, Adriaan!