• Saturday 18 March: Dr Gary Stafford, of Stellenbosch University, will speak on the use of plants in African traditional medicine. At 18h00 – Nivenia Hall, HPBG.

Dr Gary Stafford has researched African traditional medicine since  002. As an ethnobotanist his main research interests have been on the utilisation, production and development of plants used in traditional medicine in South Africa. He is also interested in policy development, chemotaxonomy, chemical ecology, plant systematics and evolution. Currently he is a NRF Scarce Skills Postdoctoral Fellow at the Stellenbosch University, working on collaborative projects with traditional healers on the development and documentation of indigenous knowledge associated with medicinal plant use.

Video link: Science Café Stellenbosch presents: Should we still be using plants for medicine?

  • Saturday 22 April: Patrick Ryan, Ryan Heydenrych and Dean Harrison, of Vulcan Wildfire Management, will speak on wildfire and environmental management for both the public and private sectors. At 18h00 – Nivenia Hall, HPBG.

Patrick Ryan, Ryan Heydenrych and Dean Harrison began their careers as volunteer fire fighters. This passion has seen them move to becoming professionals with a combined 20 years’ experience between them.