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- Tim Attwell Botsoc Walk 15 October 2016 It was as we expected and much more. Twenty members and guests piled into high clearance vehicles at the Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens and set off for Kasteelkop Nek in the Kleinmond Mountain Nature Reserve. Today we would not be toiling up rocky mountain paths, but ambling down a jeep track to see Western Coastal Shale Band vegetation up close, interpreted for us by renowned botanist and botanical historian Dr John Rourke. Starting at a spot with splendid views of fold upon fold of mountains in…


- Merrilee Berrisford Our expedition to the Agulhas National Park was a great success and to show our appreciation to the staff, especially Emmerentia de Kock, we collected a sum of money for a suitable gift. What seemed most suitable was a collection of children’s books on the environment for the Park’s library; they have various programmes which are offered to local schools on visits to the Park. Ulla von der Heyden made the brilliant suggestion that her daughter-in-law, Prof Sophie von der Heyden of US (she has given a talk to the Branch) be…


- Tim Attwell Thank you to Henriette Botha for an interesting article about Witches Broom in a thirty-one-year-old issue of Farmers’ Weekly, 3 January 1985 to be precise. So what is Witches Broom? Nothing to do with Halloween, you’ll be happy to know. Regular botanical ramblers in the fynbos often see what appears to be a dense, brush-like appendage on protea bushes, exactly where a flower should be. For all the world the brush-like appendage looks like a parasite, only it’s not a parasite, it’s very much part of the affected protea, the product of…


- Merrilee Berrisford Judy New’s last Botsoc fundraiser was dedicated to buying a collection of books on the environment for Harold Porter NBG and also for the Hantam NBG. Betty’s Bay resident and branch member, Karin Fry, was on a flower trip with friend Caro Attwell (both regulars at our talks); they visited Nieuwoudtville and there in the Park, Karin was able to hand over the collection to Curator Eugene Marinus. We understand the Garden’s library is the old sitting room of Neil and Neva McGregor’s house, a good place for our books.


Botsoc Walk 19 November 2016 The route for the November walk is to be determined. Meanwhile, save the date. As always, we will meet at the Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens parking area at 09h00 on Saturday, 19 November 2016. Enquiries: Tim Attwell 082 343 2501 Barbara Jenman 082 338 4109 Rea Borcherds 072 238 8144

TALKS PLANNED FOR 2016 (and January 2017!)

Saturday 19 November: Entomologist Dr Candice-Lee Lyons of the Weeds Research Division, Plant Protection Research Institute of Stellenbosch on “Weed biocontrol options in the Western Cape”. At 18h00 – Nivenia Hall, HPBG. Saturday 10 December AT 10 AM: Margot and George Branch on “Creatures in the fynbos”. Children welcome! Please note the time (in the morning, and not the usual evening meeting). Nivenia Hall, HPBG. Saturday 21 January: Cuan McGeorge, Senior Field Ranger, Stony Point Seabird Breeding Colony, Cape Nature, on “Adaptability of endangered species – The birth of Stony Point Seabird Colony”. At 18h00…