Pringle Bay Hack Report No 145


On 27 April 2019, Freedom Day, a group of dedicated hackers reported to launch an attack on the invaders of Pringle Bay. Despite all the festivities in the town centre, we managed to kick off at 08h30. Some hackers had to address family matters at 06h00 to be on time for the hack. Now that is dedication!

A small group of hackers finished off last month’s hack in High-Level Road, while the rest took on the invaders in Oliver Road. The Rooikrantz and mostly Myrtle kept us busy for the rest of the day. We hacked deeper into three of the plots, due to the extent of the Myrtle invasion and also to demonstrate to the land owners to what degree their properties are already invaded. The dedication and the serenity of the hackers today was really impressive and a wonderful example to the residents of Pringle Bay.

Cutting Myrtle!

Today there were 25 seasoned hackers. Thank you to every hacker who found the time to join the hack and make the effort to free our town from these aggressive exotic invaders.

A special word of thanks to Jan (Welcome back after a serious operation, Jan!), Tom, Ulli (Our condolences on the passing of your mother, Ulli) and Richard from Betty’s Bay, Mike from Rooi Els and Leigh and Monique from the small holdings for their contribution and support provided to the Pringle Bay Hack. Your specific effort and encouragement today are, as always, greatly appreciated.

Dave and Lena, thank you for the very delicious mid-morning refreshments – they were a real treat. We were also spoiled with scrumptious samosas, served by Charles and Adelaide. Thank you – they were super “lekker”! A special word of thanks to Adriaan from the Mini Mark for the generous monthly donation of tea and sandwiches. It was, as always, greatly appreciated by all. We decided last month that the Hack Group would hand over a token of appreciation, but this has been postponed, due to the artist not being satisfied with the current trophy. We will keep you posted!

Hackers enjoying the delicious samosas, provided by Charles and Adelaide.

We will meet again for our next monthly hack on Saturday 25 May 2019. As usual we’ll get together on the pavement opposite Drosters Centre, in Central Avenue, Pringle Bay, at 08:30 whereafter we will proceed to the hack site. The hack ends at 11:30. Everyone who would like to help rid Pringle Bay of alien vegetation is welcome. Hacking tools are provided. Contact Chris at (028) 273 8588, or just turn up at the meeting point.

– Chris Geldenhuys, Convenor