Upcoming Gardeners’ Circle visit

Our next event is on Monday 18 March when we visit the Harold Porter Gardens to see the new emerging plants and trees after the January fires and take a wander around if we so wish. If Karin Wall is available that will be an extra bonus.

On 18 February some 50 of us visited four burnt-out gardens from the January 11th devastating fires in Betty’s Bay: Susan’s garden in Mountain Street, Rea’s in Protea Road, Elaine’s in Seaview Road and back to Galia’s along Clarence Drive in Sunnyseas for tea and discussions.

Thank you to Karin Wall of Harold Porter Gardens, to Rea, Elaine and Galia for their insights into what is happening in their gardens, and to all who attended. With many different perspectives presented there was one strong recommendation from all – after a fire, wait until you see what springs up from the ground and emerges from brown shrubs and trees before you act! No real need to remove burnt branches either.

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Meanwhile, enjoy the almost clement weather at present, with a little rain thrown in.

Looking forward to meeting you all at 9 am at the Harold Porter Gardens Monday 18 March.

Barbara Jenman, Committee member
Cell: 082 338 4109

Haemanthus canaliculatus
, a typical post-fire bloom