Upcoming Gardeners’ Circle visit

On Monday 19 November the Gardeners’ Circle will meet at Harold Porter Gardens at 09:00 for a visit around SANBI’s HPNBG nursery. Karen Wall, the horticulturist at Harold Porter, is our hostess.

Afterwards we will meet for tea and a chat at the Gardens.

Meanwhile, Cornelia de Villiers has set up a Facebook page for the Gardeners’ Circle. Below is the message that she recently sent out to members:

Dear Gardeners’ Circle member

Please join the “Fynbos Gardeners’ Circle” Facebook group by clicking HERE

Here we can share our photos of the gardens we visit, ask questions about plants we saw and discuss anything garden related. We can also share our triumphs and disappointments in our own gardens and share what we have learned from them.

Look forward to “seeing” you there!