Gardeners Group Report

23 July 2018

There is so much to learn about fynbos and gardening in the Kogelberg – what to plant, when and where; what to remove, why and how. Newcomers to the area as well as some firmly embedded residents struggle with these and other questions, yet in our midst are those with know-how and success stories to share.

This is how the idea came about to arrange regular meetings under the auspices of the Botsoc committee to bring together those in the know with those who would like to know. The intention is to offer a range of activities such as garden visits, practical demonstrations of soil preparation, planting and pruning, as well as opportunities to ask questions and meet fellow gardeners.

The first meeting of this fledgling group took place on Monday 23 July 2018, and judging from the turnout and enthusiastic response of the 30 people who showed up, this new group seems to meet a real need and is a welcome addition to the local calendar of events.

On its first meeting, the group visited three quite different gardens that illustrate how to be successful in different conditions of climate and soil. The gloriously sunny and wind-free weather contributed to the enjoyment of the walkabouts. The first garden was on level, largely wetland terrain, while the second was more rocky and on a mountain slope. The last garden provided very welcome shade under which the group could enjoy refreshments.

Information on plant names was provided by Botsoc Kogelberg committee chairman, Tim Attwell, assisted by members of the committee who acted as guides. The names and details of those present were collected so that an email distribution list can be drawn up for contact purposes.

Future events will include contingency arrangements in case we are not so lucky with the weather, and it is hoped that a steering committee will be formed to make suggestions and arrange outings. 

Merrilee Berrisford