Pringle Bay Hack Report No 136

It was at the back of most hackers’ minds that on 24 June 2018 we would not be hacking due to possible rainy weather. We were waiting for the crucial sms cancelling the hack, which never came! Despite the weather and a few raindrops, 28 members of the Pringle Bay Hack Group convened at Drostergat. We first tackled the Rooikrantz and Brazilian Pepper Trees on Plots 370 – 3, behind the Country Deli, and thereafter the Rooikrantz, Port Jackson and Australian Myrtle on the verges of the intersection of James and Oliver roads. Thank you, guys, as always; the spirit in achieving today’s work was wonderful! The team work was particularly impressive; no specific instructions, but everybody worked together like clockwork.

Apologies for the lack of photos of today’s hack – no photographer was present and the rest of us were too busy hacking! We are still looking for the name of the tortoise spotted at last month’s hack on the mountain. Anybody with any information?

[Ed’s note: Tim Attwell suggests it might be one of the Padlopers – difficult to say without closer inspection and more detail.]

It has now become practice to name only the new hackers attending the Hack. Today they were:

  • Karen van der Walt
  • Cornelia Stoop
  • Ursula Anderson

and the three grandchildren of Jan and Betsy, namely Jacques, Ale and Jani.

All participated energetically and enthusiastically!  Each of you is most welcome to the Pringle Bay Hack and we hope to see you whenever you are available.

Today was the last day of hacking for Carol before she takes a Swallow Dive again, and Frik and Jane are currently away on their ‘dive’. We sincerely hope you enjoy your period of rest and tranquillity.

We would like to express the Hack’s sincere condolences to Selwyn, whose mother passed away during the week.

A special word of thanks for the contribution and support provided by Jan, Ulli and Richard of the Betty’s Bay Hack to the Pringle Bay Hack. Their efforts and encouragement are, as always, greatly appreciated!

Thanks to Dave and Lena for the delicious mid-morning refreshments. A special word of thanks goes to Adriaan, from the Mini Mark, for the generous monthly donation of tea and sandwiches for the Hack Group – greatly appreciated by all.

The next hack will be on Sunday 29 July 2018. As usual we will meet on the pavement opposite Drosters Centre, in Central Avenue, Pringle Bay, at 08:30 whereafter we will proceed to the hack site. The hack ends at 11:30. Everyone who would like to help rid Pringle Bay of alien vegetation is welcome. Hacking tools are provided. Contact Chris on (028) 273 8588, or just turn up at the meeting point.

Chris Geldenhuys – Convenor