Behind the scenes at Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens

Tim had a good meeting with Bernie Carolus from Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens on 17 April 2018. He visited the Educational Centre which is now a pleasantly large and airy building. The nursery is now also well stocked, grey water systems are being installed and the plants on sale will be organised into different vegetation types. The greenhouses and nursery are separate from plant sales area.

The purpose of Tim’s visit was to find out how developments at Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens are progressing and more particularly, how their work can be supported by the Kogelberg Branch of the Botanical Society of South Africa.

The Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens plays a crucial role in preserving the heritage of this unique biosphere reserve as well as supporting eco-tourism for the benefit of residents and visitors. It is clear that much more can be achieved in our local Gardens with the assistance and involvement of interested community members.

Some ideas were discussed in a fruitful meeting. Tim has coalesced the outcome of the discussion to a concise piece, Ten Ways to Support Harold Porter National Botanical Gardens, found in this newsletter. Have fun and support the preservation of our astounding natural environment by lending a hand and get involved.