– Chris Geldenhuys, Convenor

Today, 30 July 2017 was a cold windy morning, which was a true reflection of the mood of the Pringle Bay’s Hack Group. With the passing of John Whitehead on 26 July 2017, the group gathered to pay tribute to John’s life; for the endurance and courage to re-establish the Pringle Bay Hack and all his other contributions to the Pringle Bay Community as the Chairperson of the PBRA, Legal Advisor and many more. But besides his professional capacity, John will be remembered for his dedication to detail in whatever he took on and his ever friendly and approachable character. John we salute you! Kate and the rest of the family you can be proud for what John stood for. The Group wish you all the support and strength to deal with his departure.

The hackers moved to the piece of municipal property at the eastern corner of High Level Road. The area had been cleared by the municipal workers on a number of cases before, but it had never been poisoned. Initially the thought was that it would be a quick and easy hack and be finish by tea time, but not! The regrowth of Port Jackson and Rooikrans along the Hangklip Road kept the hackers busy, but everything were cleared by 11h20! Great job hackers!

Our chameleon has been identified! It is the Cape Dwarf Chameleon (Bradypodion pumilum).Thanks Jeannie for your efforts to find the correct name! via Keir Lynch, of Overberg Renosterveld Conservation Trust.

The following 24 members performed the hack in honour of John Whitehead; Louw and Karen Toerien, Andree Henning, Sue Folb, Niel and Penny Berens, MaritaGrobbelaar, Charles Hector,Jan Joubert, Dave Muirhead, Frik Potgieter, Philip Schaefer, Jenny Parsons, Willem Stiglingh, Chris Cadman, Bernard and Natalie van Wulven, Jeannie Harning, Robyn Lawson, Richard Smeda together with Chris Geldenhuys. Today the Pringle Bay Hack was joined by Andy James and Carol Wilson after a period abroad. Lewis Silberbauer paid the Pringle Bay Hack a visit and it was good to make use of his knowledge and experience! Thank you for everybody’s valuable contribution today!

A special word of thanks for the contribution and support provided by the members of the Bettys Bay Hack to the Pringle Bay Hack. Their efforts and encouragement are, as always, greatly appreciated. We hope that Ed and Merran Silberbauer will recuperate soon and will be able to join and provide us your excellent support and advice!

Thanks for Dave and Helena Muirhead for the kind and delicious mid-morning refreshments!! Again a special word of thanks go to Peter and Joyce of the Mini Mark for the generous donation of the tea and sandwiches for the Hack Group, it was as always greatly appreciated by all. It will be appreciated if all hackers can express their appreciation, whenever you meet them in the Mini Mark.

The next monthly hack will be on Sunday 27 August 2017. As usual we will meet on the pavement opposite Drosters Centre, in Central Avenue, Pringle Bay, at 08:30 where after we will proceed to the hack site. The hack stops at 11:30. Everyone who would like to help rid Pringle Bay of alien vegetation will be welcome.  Hacking tools are provided. Contact Chris at (028) 273 8588, or just turn up at the meeting point.