A pleasant early winter morning (sans the rain), and the troops arrived to tackle the demon Rooikrans. A huge number of the enemy succumbed to the enthusiasm of the hackers. At tea there were several suggestions as to where the worst area is, but all agreed that there is a lot more to do in this area. Thus, we will be back here next month.

As I will be travelling, Ed Silberbauer has agreed to do the organising. Thank you Ed!

Di Knott provided the sandwiches and Merran Silberbauer the tea. Thank you ladies!

Richard Smeda came, but had a bad cold and decided bail out. The other hackers were John & Andrea Benn, David Bossenger, Tom Dreyer, Rosemary Fowkes, Jan & Betsey Joubert, Ulli Niemann, John and Sue Weaver, Jim Russell, John Whitehead, Lewis, Caroline and Ed Silberbauer and Frik Potgieter.

Next Hack: Sunday 4th June 2017 at 8h30 on Fair Road. Turn down Court Road from Porter Drive and follow the road until you see Ed’s car parked.