Saturday 20 May:

Dr Allan Heydorn will speak on “The Rock Lobsters of Tristan da Cunha and Gough Island and how they relate to the perlemoen and kreef poaching in the Kogelberg Biosphere Reserve”. At 18h00 – Nivenia Hall, HPBG.

Allan, a diver/scientist, while on an expedition actually looking for diamonds, was the person who first discovered the Tristan rock lobsters on Vema Seamount in 1964. Subsequent publicity (not from Allan) led to “a ruthless international onslaught” on this virgin population of rock lobsters from which it has never recovered.


Saturday 17 June:

Geologist Dr John Rogers will talk about his new book, Geological Outings in the Fairest Cape: Unlocking the Secrets of its Scenery. At 18h00 – Nivenia Hall, HPBG.

Dr Rogers’ book is due to be published in April; it features Betty’s Bay and mentions two of our residents. The following day, on Sunday morning, John will take us on a field trip in our area. Way back in May 2010,  John gave an excellent talk “on the hotly debated Pringle Bay Fault in his usual knowledgeable and infectiously enthusiastic style” to quote Prof Michael Orren. The field trip to Aasbank and the Buffels River Valley the next day attracted a large group.

On Table Mountain looking south along the Atlantic coast