-Frik Potgieter, Convenor

We had a small taste of winter at first, but the weather turned quite warm later on. Large numbers of Acacia elata (with the odd gum and pittisporum) were removed by the enthusiastic group. Hilary Mauve counted 830 something to tea time on her own! If this is extrapolated to the whole group, it can be estimated that about 8,000 aliens came to a bad end on one day. Well done!

Di Knott provided the sandwiches and Merran Silberbauer the tea. Thank you ladies! Also thank you to Penguin Place for donating the bread for aforesaid sandwiches.

Those attending were: Tom Dreyer, Sue Fielden, Rosemary Fowkes, Jan Joubert, Maarten and Hilary Mauve, Ulli Niemann, John and Sue Weaver, Ed and James Silberbauer, Lewis and Caroline Silberbauer, Frik Potgieter. Chris Geldenhuys will make up for his absence by hacking on the Monday, thanks Chris.

Next Hack: Sunday 5 March 2017 at 8h30 on Fair Road. Turn down Court Road from Porter Drive and follow the road until you see my car parked.