• Saturday 18 February: Brian Huntley on his time on Marion Island as a young man. At 18h00 – Nivenia Hall. 
  • HPBG Saturday 18 March: Stellenbosch University’s Dr Gary Stafford, with a doctorate in ethnobotany, will speak on medicinal plants. At 18h00 – Nivenia Hall, HPBG.


Brian Huntley on a field trip on Marion Island, 1965
Brian Huntley on a field trip on Marion Island, 1965
Brian Huntley’s diary, published in May last year.

“Highlights of Brian’s diary include two visits to nearby Prince Edward Island, most probably the first time anyone since the sealing days has stayed overnight; what is pretty definitely the first summiting of Marion after several attempts; and observations on the sealing huts of which remains then still existed. But the diary is more than anything an account how a young botanical researcher conducted and thought about his research in the field. Island life is not left out and Brian’s describes living with fellow team members in the days before Internet (or for that matter before an island deep freeze, microwaves and digital cameras). Preliminaries for a braai (barbecue) on Marion in the 1960s were more than just lighting the fire, before that there was a sheep to slaughter…” (John Cooper, ‘Antarctic Legacy of South Africa’, Department of Botany and Zoology, Stellenbosch University, 21 April 2016.)

Brian will be bringing copies of his book to sell at R250.

Note: Botsoc Walks and Talks are always held on the third Saturday of the month, and Betty’s Bay Hacks on the first Sunday of the month.