– Merrilee Berrisford
– Tim Attwell

Your committee has always felt that it would be very important to publish Tim Attwell’s Your Place in the Kogelberg in Afrikaans. A large part of the population in the area is Afrikaans speaking and as the main object of the book is education, we really should make it available in that language.A year ago we were astonished to hear that member, Louise du Toit, then of Rooi Els, had translated our book into Afrikaans. We were planning to have it translated, so were absolutely delighted that this had been done as a surprise.Next step was to have the translation edited; we had just the person in Christine Dreyer, assisted by her sister.

Now funds have to be found. BotSoc Head Office paid around 75% of the cost of publishing the English version; more English copies will be printed using money from sales and this is what is happening. But we are on our own with the Afrikaans edition. This edition will need to be reset and the design accommodated for the new language, so the cost of 100 or 200 copies will be between R70 000 and R80 000.

We are asking if any member has connections with an organisation or an individual that promotes Afrikaans and has the resources to sponsor the publication of Jou Plek in die Kogelberg.

Please let us know about any possible lead. Contact Tim Attwell (082 343 2501, or Merrilee Berrisford (082 571 3923,