– Frik Potgieter, Convenor

On a lovely, if somewhat windy day, we had a very good turnout, mainly due to the efforts of Betsey Joubert (who brought all the people who attended her birthday party), and John and Andrea Benn who commandeered their neighbours.

The combined effort of all the attendees resulted in the plot being cleared of all the myrtle. A great achievement!

Di Knott provided the sandwiches but could not attend due to her geyser bursting at a very inopportune time, and Merran Silberbauer provided the tea (as well as fetching the sandwiches from Kleinmond!). Thank you ladies!

Betsey Joubert’s party crowd were: husband Jan, sons Pierre and Francois with grandchildren Jacques, Alé, Luke and Tim, brother Syd Cullis with James and Becca Cullis and children Nina, Fynn and Emma and sister Charmian with her husband David Wightman. Andrea and John Benn were there with neighbours – Rupert and Gill Gull and Allan and Leighanne Wilson. Also among the myrtles were Tom Dreyer, Rosemary Fowkes, Jim Russell, Frik Potgieter, Ulli Niemann, Lewis, James and Ed Silberbauer.

Next Hack: Sunday 6 November 2016 in Porter Drive between Agapanthus Road and Lakeside Drive. Frik Potgieter, hack convenor, may be contacted at or on 084 600 9891.